Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 1

Lucy joined our family on Wednesday the 17th of August. She’s really awful on the outside, but very pretty on the inside. The fact that she is so original, where it counts, was what made her so appealing.
doorfrontsidebeds beforecupboarddining beforekitchen
I meant to take pics as soon as she arrived but I was so keen to start cleaning I forgot. She smelt incredibly musty so I just needed to get everything open to let some fresh air in. Unfortunately the cushions are all mouldy underneath, which certainly added to the smell, so I hoyed them all out the door.
We managed to find some pics of her before the garish paint job.
brand new
Here she is brand, spanking new in 1956 or 7.
A couple of more recent shots.
Don3Hard to believe it’s the same van!
I haven’t decided what colours to paint Lucy yet, I’m not trying to replicate her original look, as it was a bit boring. Smile
Lucy is a Don Cadet. Don caravans were made in Oakleigh Melbourne, between 1934 & the early 60’s.
For a potted history of Don Caravans, with some great pics:

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Sue said...

I'm so impressed! You've done a wonderful job restoring this beauty. Congratulations!!!